Riza looks the brand new personification of “difficult love,” requiring perfection off those people she respects otherwise considers extremely important

Riza looks the brand new personification of “difficult love,” requiring perfection off those people she respects otherwise considers extremely important


  • step one Physical appearance
  • dos Character
  • step 3 Results
  • cuatro Relationships
  • 4.1 Roy Mustang
  • 4.dos Black colored Hayate
  • cuatro.step 3 Rebecca Catalina
  • 4.4 Berthold Hawkeye
  • 5 Etymology


Riza try a soft-skinned girl in her own middle-to-later 20s that have mid-straight back length blonde hair that’s tied up upwards about straight back from the a dark colored-colored video barrette when you look at the a style where they is much like a beneficial bird tail that have bangs losing inside the a great hawk’s wing trend off right so you’re able to kept, sometimes partly obscuring the lady leftover eyes (whenever she’s on the job). This lady vision was brownish and every from their ears was pierced with a silver stud. This woman is proven to wear faux sunglasses during disguise.

She appear to wears a black colored, short-sleeved turtleneck below her military consistent and regularly has on it for the everyday top as well. Regardless if Riza features noted (inside the Perfect Guidebook dos) you to definitely dresses limit direction and generally are not allowed when you look at the an excellent army workplace, during civil clothes, she is mainly viewed with in enough time dresses and shoes having her tresses off.

She got worn their hair quick inside her young people and you may throughout the the woman period during the Ishval, she first started and can develop in 1910 just after she becomes acquainted Winry Rockbell.

About manga and 2009 anime, Riza have a huge and you may elaborate tat which takes care of really her straight back which includes parts of they blurred from the shed marks you to she covers.

She’s got a gently muscular and you will curvaceous generate where in actuality the author states one to Riza has wider shoulders off the lady armed forces degree and you may flared pelvis that are suitable for this lady decades.


Riza is a quiet and you may compiled woman which have a significant but polite demeanor. She is seen because of the the woman colleagues as the make of an effective best soldier; strictly self-disciplined and incredibly rational, she scarcely relaxes when hands on in fact it is constantly assigned having remaining the lady associates on the right track. Even though throughout the additional she may appear tight, rigorous, and also a small suggest, Riza is not as cooler and you may faraway since she can take place. The individuals close to her remember that discover alot more to help you the lady than simply the lady no-junk thinking; beneath their professional mood is actually a type spirit who understands the brand new complications regarding carrying huge load.

Riza’s smooth top produces by itself known because of the lady relations which have younger characters, including the Elric brothers and Winry Rockbell, therefore isn’t really strange observe the woman behaving sweetly into the Black Hayate (Riza’s animals Shiba Inu puppy), during individual. Into even more relaxed days, such whenever she spends your day that have Rebecca, Riza plus reveals suggestions off a dry, acerbic spontaneity. Extremely disciplined, she takes this lady performs positively that will be almost never viewed “dropping formalities,” even after individuals who are most sexual so you’re able to the lady. She’s maybe not more likely to personal screens regarding affection, preferring to display their feelings through more slight indicates. Her relationships having Hayate is seen once the a good metaphor getting each one of this lady tall personal matchmaking-a harsh give and you may requiring character tempered having genuine and deep love.

It could be inferred one Riza plus changed along the decades; in her own teenagers, she seemed to had been alternatively shy and you can idealistic towards industry at large. Increasing right up on the woman dad’s domestic, she most likely knowledgeable a protected variety of childhood. Shortly after signing up for this new armed forces, the lady feel during the Ishval forgotten their young idealism and you may transformed the girl to your nearly stoic Lieutenant Hawkeye. She emerges on the conflict with a huge commonly, sufficiently strong enough to neck the brand new heavier shame she willingly bears, and spends so it desire to face close to and you can assistance Mustang in the fresh new hopes one generations to come will stay without new horrors regarding something similar to Ishval. Reticent, she does not chat unnecessarily otherwise express her attitude commonly courtesy eros escort Antioch CA words, but suggests much of the woman thoughts thanks to nonverbal interaction, having trademark clear appears and you may rare, subdued smiles.

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